Elearning — A New Old Way of Doing Things

One of the things that has become quite commonplace since 2020 (thanks in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic) is elearning. Students around the world have experienced the transition to remote learning as a means of continuing education while trying to limit the spread of the coronavirus. At the same time workers in a variety of sectors and business models have also had to switch to virtual workspaces and webconferencing in order to continue their projects and services.

While this may not seem like a monumental shift in the use of…

Our belief has always been that our customers are more than just business clients — they are people who matter. This shapes the way in which we respond to each comment, concern, inquiry or request because we want to treat people with respect, believing that human beings deserve to be treated with respect. This is especially important in an age where the digital world makes it very easy to de-humanize others by reducing them to an icon, a profile or a social media handle. Interactions can become cold and impersonal because we fail to sense any kind of connection to…

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